GEKAP (Recycling Contribution Fee) Declaration

Melasoft GEKAP Solution

Recycling Contribution Fee (GEKAP) Declarations for plastic bags (with or without handle supplied for the purpose of carrying goods or products from sales points to consumers/users), tires, accumulators, batteries, mineral oil, vegetable oil, electrical and electronic goods, medicine, plastic packaging, metal packaging, composite packaging, glass packaging, wood packaging can be easily prepared by Melasoft SAP GEKAP Solution in accordance with the GEKAP Communiqué. Thedata in the SAP System which are subject to the GEKAP can be transformed into the Revenue Administration’s GEKAP Declaration format with a single click and become ready to submit.

Melasoft GEKAP Solution has been developed in accordance with the GEKAP regulations.

  • Save time and effort with automatically prepared GEKAP Declarations.

  • By minimizing the error rate, it ensures that your Declarations are extracted and packaged in the most accurate way, in xml format.

  • Authorization checks can be made on module-screens.

  • Data can be loaded outside of SAP with Excel.

  • Daten können mit Excel außerhalb von SAP geladen werden.

  • Except for regularly extracted data, manual edits can be made.

Melasoft GEKAP Solution

  • You can prepare your GEKAP declaration with a single click.

  • It provides ease of use with its user-friendly screens.

  • You can archive your old statements in the system without any cost.

  • You can make data checks faster thanks to control reports.

  • You can grant authorization to users

  • You can export the documents created in SAP to the declaration screens with a single click.

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