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SAP® Integration Solutions

SAP Change and Transport Organizer for Jira

Automate business operations between SAP and Jira via Melasoft SmartBridge to get process optimization, cost reduction, and improved efficiency.


Melasoft SmartBridge improves the effective use of corporate resources for the highest results in business.

Smooth SAP Integration Melasoft SmartBridge integrates with your SAP landscape to increase your process efficiency, reduce your costs, save your valuable working time and consolidate your data in ERP. It facilitates expansion and efficient management of business processes with minimal effort. Flawless Automation Melasoft SmartBridge allows you to control SAP transports easily within Jira.

It helps to reduce fragmentation in the automation of business processes in the organization. Minimize manual processes and eliminate human errors with continuous change and transport management.

Please click for SAP Change and Transport Organizer documentation for Jira.

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