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SAP® Technical Consultancy

SAP Technical Consultancy is a field that specializes in understanding and managing the technical aspects of SAP systems, offering consultancy services in areas such as system design, implementation, development, and maintenance.

The responsibilities of SAP Technical Consultants include:

  • SAP System Implementation: Installing, configuring, and activating SAP systems according to the client’s business requirements.

  • System Integration: Integrating SAP systems with other systems, ensuring data flow and optimizing business processes.

  • Customization and Development: Customizing SAP systems to meet the client’s specific needs and enhancing functionality through programming and scripting.

  • Database Management: Managing the underlying databases that form the foundation of SAP systems, optimizing performance, and ensuring data integrity.

  • Technical Support: Providing technical support to clients, troubleshooting issues within SAP systems, and offering resolution recommendations.

  • Security and License Management: Implementing security measures within SAP systems, ensuring data security, and managing license compliance.

  • System Administration: Monitoring the performance of SAP systems, capacity planning, applying updates and patches, and managing system backups.

Our SAP Technical Consultants possess expertise in the SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) language and are capable of programming in this language. They also have in-depth technical knowledge of SAP systems, interfaces, databases, security measures, and system integration.

SAP Technical Consultancy focuses on ensuring the proper implementation and management of SAP systems for clients. This helps clients improve their business processes, increase efficiency, and leverage the full potential of SAP systems.

As Melasoft Information Technologies, we offer our services in ABAP, BASIS, BI, Mobil (UI5, Fiori, etc.) IFR with our experienced consultants.

Within the scope of SAP technical consultancy, we provide our customers with system metering, installation, update, configuration, performance adjustment, transportation, reorganization, maintenance, support, security, emergency planning consultancy services starting from infrastructure design.

If you want to learn more about our services and solutions, contact us now!

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