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IFRS Reporting

What is IFRS?

Independent External Audit is an investigation conducted to provide an opinion on the financial statements that are prepared by the audit companies to be submitted to the public and other related persons and organizations related to business in a manner that is accurate, realistic, and consistent between the accounting periods and arranged in accordance with the accounting principles.

Melasoft SAP IFRS

As an international standard is set for large companies with a large number of branches, financial reporting tasks are made easier for them.

It greatly simplifies all accounting procedures and ensures that a single reporting method is used in all branches of a company. Melasoft IFRS maintains this consistency and formalism; enabling investors, auditors and all stakeholders to view the financial characteristics and status of a company.

Melasoft IFRS Features

  • Increases flexibility in reporting

  • Reduces reporting cost

  • Provides comparable and current reporting all over the world.

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Property Management Solution

What is Property Management Solution?

It provides the opportunity to manage the leased or rented real estate processes from end to end of companies with a large number of stores and real estates.

Advantages and Features of Lease Management Solution

  • It enables tracking of all phases of the real estate contract process through a single cockpit.

  • It easily calculates all financial indicators during the rental period. By deducting the discounts from the monthly rent amount, it calculates the rent to be paid net by comparing with the minimum / maximum rent for turnover rents.

  • Automatically creates stoppage offsets records from the calculated amount.

  • Ensures the accuracy of the invoice by comparing the amounts calculated by the rent bill and the system.

  • Sends information e-mails to the owners of turnover indexed contracts.

  • Enables automatic calculation and implementation of monthly increases.

  • It can be adapted to your company’s needs with modern architecture.

  • Establishes the liability and interest accounting records to be generated monthly under IFRS 16 reporting.


Smart Exim Solution

Melasoft Import Solution Advantages and Features

  • By assigning the imported product to a single import file, it is ensured that the whole process is managed.

  • Tracking of goods on the road with the invoice information is provided within the system.

  • All of the goods invoice receipt and payment transactions are carried out via a single cockpit.

  • It is ensured that the declaration data is kept within the system.

  • Customs and warehouse goods tracking, listing

  • Appearance of the necessary information in the customs document in the import system

  • Import Side Cost Invoices are processed

  • The entry of permits and incentive certificates is provided.

  • Investment Incentive Tracking

  • Letter of Credit Document Tracking

  • By assigning the exported product to a single export file, it is ensured that the whole process is managed.

  • Keeping the information of shipping, delivery and dispatching

  • Inspection of drawing and packing processes from warehouse

  • Export deficiency audit with Goods Issue

  • Creation / processing / monitoring of required documents

  • Tracking of billing and customer receivables is provided

  • Accounting Invoice Entry according to cost types

  • Calculation of profit / loss calculation by file based on costs

  • Setting the closing status according to deficiency inspection

Melasoft Smart Exim Technical Specifications

  • Transaction and company-based authorization

  • Flexible structure adaptable to MS OLE in outputs

  • BADI outputs for customer needs

  • A Single screen management

  • Object – Oriented Enjoy screens

  • File scanning with mobile application

  • File storage with SAP DMS (Optional)

  • OCR integration (Optional)

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