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Product Development

What is Product Development?


Product Development is also known as New Product Management. It is a series that includes the conceptualization, design, development and marketing steps of newly created or newly branded products. The purpose of product development is to meet the changing market needs, consumer demand, maintain the competitive position of the product or brand, and increase its market share.

Every product has its target customer. Therefore, defining the target market for a product is a critical component that must occur early in the product development process. While product development is being carried out, market research should be performed at every stage of the design process, including the unborn and subsequent versions of the product.

How is Product Development Done?

It consists of a number of processes, such as a new product idea or the improvement of an existing product. These processes are:

Product Development Diagram


As Melasoft, we support our customers in today’s business world in order to better manage the ever-changing priorities and limited resources. With the corporate business model and scalable architectures, we offer the opportunity to manage thousands of projects and resources together.

  • Using data to make strategic decisions

  • Access to the details required to control projects

  • Seeing resource demand, setting priorities

  • Using resources efficiently

  • Reorganizing projects

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