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Who Are We?


Melasoft Information Technologies, a software company established in 2013, provides IT solutions with a visionary perspective. It provides affordable and innovative solutions for digital transformation with its experienced staff. Melasoft, which became an SAP partner in a short time after its establishment, has started to take an active role in the IT sector also with its non-SAP solutions by expanding the scope of its activities. Today Melasoft provides software, hardware, IoT and R&D solutions to the projects developed in many countries.

Melasoft develops efficient, sustainable, innovative and yet low-cost solutions for the digital transformation needs that arise as a consequence of the technologic developments and trends. It helps to reach the high-quality digital solutions you desired in the easiest and fastest way with much lower costs than those in your mind.

Melasoft develops design and technology-oriented innovative models by conducting an in-depth analysis of corporate structure, employees, current and potential customers, and the markets both current and targeted in order to meet the needs of its solution partners.

In this regard, Melasoft;

  • Cross–Platform, Mobile Application Development,

  • Windows Form, Electron Desktop Software Development,

  • Web Software, Progressive Web Application Development,

  • UI-UX Design and Development,

  • Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Cloud Based Application Development,

  • Internet of Things (IOT) Development,

  • Software and Hardware R&D,

  • Software and Technological Consultancy,

  • Technical Support & Maintenance services.


With the above mentioned services, Melasoft gives software/hardware support and assistance to its solution partners in order to help them to increase their effectiveness in the market, gain competitive advantage, reach new markets, enhance the brand value, lower the costs and increase the profit margin. Although the services provided are complicated and diffucult to deal with, Melasoft attaches great importance to develop easy to understand, simple but efficient, user-friendly and innovative models for the partners.


Company and Management Summary


Melasoft offers innovative solutions for the IT business with its headquarters in Frankfurt and Istanbul and its Warsaw and Ankara offices. With its qualified staff consisting of Developers, software engineers, hardware engineers, embedded software engineers, R&D engineers, it has a great advantage over its competitors in the sector. Moreover, Melasoft gives sales, marketing, after-sales support, “know-how” and project support and consultancy to the solution partners by its administrative and technical personnel who are fluent in regional languages and experienced in customer relations.

Our Vision

Providing Solutions and Services

Melasoft Information Technologies aims to continue to shape the market with new products, solutions and services with the focus of spreading the use of open source in technology. It aims to be a leading organisation that contributes greatly to the competitiveness in the change and transformation in the IT sector day by day and serves its stakeholders and Europe and the nearby geography in the technology layer.

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