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What are XRechnung and ZUGFeRD?

X-Rechnung is the official format which is available only in XML and allows electronic invoices to be sent via Peppol *.ZUGFeRD is a hybrid electronic invoice format.

ZUGFeRD has two components: a PDF file and an embedded XML file. Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland (FeRD) has developed a standardized data format called ZUGFeRD to enable small and medium-sized businesses and government authorities to benefit from e-invoicing. ZUGFeRD does not replace established EDI and industry standards, but complements them with a simple and cost effective solution for a structured data exchange.

A ZUGFeRD invoice canbe automatically recognized by the invoice recipient, structured data can be transferred directly to the accounting department. The format is a hybrid invoice format that consists of a human-readable PDF and a machine-readable attachment with structured data.


What are the differences between XRechnung and ZUGFeRD?

  • X-Rechnung is developed by public service providers and is exclusive to Germany, whereas ZUGFeRD is more international and focuses on trade. You can imagine it like the difference between a usb and a lightning plug, which ultimately means they both do the same thingbut are slightly different formats.

  • ZUGFeRD applies only to all public service providers who have to provide an invoice receipt, but of course all public service providers and suppliers are also expected to present this invoice receipt as soon as the receipt is received.


  • Melasoft has developed an integrated SAP solution for customers who need to meet global legal requirements, including electronic invoicing and financial regulations. Melasoft SAP Solution can generate XRechnung XML files and transfer them to public contractors located in Germany.

  • The SAP solution extracts invoice data then it converts the data intothe required XML format and transfers to the recipient (public contractor) as an XML file. This process can be done via PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online).

  • With Melasoft SAP Solution, you can manage your invoices from within SAP.


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