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Virtual Warehouse

Along with the Kazakhstan e-Invoice System, companies have become obliged to be included in the Virtual Warehouse (VW) Module.

The purpose of the VW module is to monitor the movement of the inventory, starting from import or production, until the sale or export to the end customer in Kazakhstan.

VW module automates the recognition and the accounting process of goods. It allows the recording of electronic documents regarding product movements and records (discount, sales, production, etc.).

If a good is not registered in the VW module, it is not allowed to be sold.

For the goods that are not registered in the VW Module, the e-invoice informationsystem automatically prevents taxpayers from issuing e-invoices.

Since April 1, 2018, taxpayers in Kazakhstan are obliged to use the VW module. Thereby, companies that import and (or) sell goods specified in the final (binding) list are required to keep accounting records of such goods in the VW module.

With its expertise on SAP solutions, Melasoft is ready to evaluate the impacts of the VW module on your business processes and integrate it with your SAP systems.

Melasoft VW module solution provides you;

  • Preparation and analysis for reviewing accounting processes and for the integration with the VW

  • Identifying areas requiring change: SAP systems, mandatory data entry (quality and completeness), policies and procedures for those responsible

  • Internal controls

  • Integration of SAP systems with the VW module

  • End user training

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