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Peppol enables the efficient electronic exchange of eInvoices, purchase orders other business documents. Whether you are a private business or a public organisation, Peppol is your gateway to fast, secure, borderless trade.

Melasoft E-Fatura Çözümü

Melasoft E-Fatura Çözümü, müşterinin kontrolünde müşteri ERP sistemi üzerinde çalışan bir SAP eklentisidir. Melasoft çözümü, faturaların oluşturulmasını, işlenmesini ve teslim edilmesini otomatikleştirmek için SAP S/4HANA gibi SAP ERP sistemleriyle entegre edilir. Bu entegrasyon, işletmelerin faturalama süreçlerini kolaylaştırmalarını ve finansal verilerinin doğru ve güncel olmasını sağlar.

Melasoft E-Fatura Çözümünün Özellikleri

Key Features of Melasoft E-invoicing Solution are as follows; Melasoft solution is a SAP add-on works within SAP system under the control of the company and adds additional functionalities and enhancements, Separate cockpits for incoming and outgoing invoices, Displaying the invoice in PDF/ XML/ HTML formats via SAP, Easy invoice design by the user using XSLT_TOOL, Ability to integrate with different systems (PI/PO layers, VIM, DMS, etc.), Ability to authorize transactions (authorization objects can be defined to each button in the cockpit), Directing the incoming E-Invoice to the person concerned with the approval system, Ability to make improvements with BADI outputs, Logging operations, Adaptable to the needs of different company with modern and flexible architecture.

Tek Çözüm - Farklı Ülke

Melasoft Solution can be implemented for large scale companies that have operations in different countries. The same cockpits can be used for different countries which improves the effectiveness and efficiency of operations. Depending on the country, which is detected from the company code in SAP system, the invoice is created according to standardizations of the corresponding country. Then the invoice is sent to government portal based on the connection type available for that country. The multi-country e-invoice solution has both operations and financial benefits for the clients as it minimizes training requirements, support efforts and price discounts.

Current e-Invoice Compliance



With experience in

e-compliance (e-Invoice,

e-Transport, and SAF-T) in Romania, Melasoft prepares your business for a smooth transition with ease.



With Melasoft E-Invoice Solution for Malaysia, you can prepare invoice documents following the infrastructure requirements of the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) system and Malaysia legislation.

Ready for Malaysia's E-Invoicing Shift?



Prepare for the B2B

E-Invoicing Mandate in Poland with Melasoft!
The mandatory B2B

e-invoicing is coming to Poland, and Melasoft is here to help you digitize your invoices and boost your business.

KSeF Compliance: Ensure you're ready for the new e-invoicing platform in Poland.

Don't wait until the last minute!
Contact Melasoft today and let us help you prepare for the future of B2B e-invoicing.
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