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Taxpayers Must Use the E-Waybill

Updated: Jan 18


What is e-Waybill?

According to the Tax Procedure Law No. 213 (VUK), it is the document created in the digital media, not on paper, which contains the information that should be included in the dispatch. The e-Waybill has the same characteristics and legal qualifications as the delivery note which has at least 3 copies and replaces the waybill.

What Are The Advantages Of E-Waybill?

Reduce Your Error Rate in the Shipping Process

Before the shipment begins, the e-Waybill created system by checking the compliance of your document with the legislation forwarded to the recipient.

Otherwise, you can view your e-Waybill information. You can receive an answer electronically. Thus, shipment operations When it happens, there will be a reduction in your returns.

Avoid Archiving Expenses

Your e-Waybill for 10 years in the digital world can save, eliminates your physical archiving costs.

Ensure Compliance With Legislation

All TRA published in accordance with the regulations,keeps up to date. Not to be fined for irregularity publishes constant information for. So you dont have to follow the legislative compliance processes.

Taxpayers Must Use the E-Waybill

In addition to voluntary transitions, According to the general communique published by TRA; with a turnover of 25 million TL and above electronic invoice payers as of 01.07.2020 It has to switch to e-Waybill application.

According to the general communiqué published by the TRA:

Taxpayers, who registered for the e-Invoice application and have gross sales revenue more than 25 million TL for 2018 and the following accounting periods, must use to the e-waybill application as of 1.7.2020.

e-Waybill recipients, taxpayers, e-despatch Response using; How much of the goods specified in the e-despatch part, they accept / accept information on the quantity and causes of goods not being exported,They can forward it to the e-despatch sender via the application.

In case of partial acceptance by e-waybill response, acceptance For the return of unused goods to the seller:

  • User registered in the recipient’s e-despatch application In case of e-waybill, separate arrangement is required.

  • The recipient is not a registered user In the case of; The printed receipt also needs to be arranged.

  • Rejection must be done before the actual shipment of the good.

How from e-Waybill Utilized?

According to the statement made by the TRA, electronics Waybill can be utilized with 3 different methods:

1-Via the portal provided by the TRA

2-With direct integration: Through your own servers Directly integrated into the TRA.

3-Through a private integrator: a private permit obtained from TRA by agreeing with integrator companies.

Taxpayers, who are included in the e-despatch application, may also issue these documents in paper form until the end of the month in which they are included in the application. However, for the same transaction, only one of the “e-despatch” or “shipment note” documents on the paper medium should be issued.

Taxpayers can benefit from the e-Invoice application with a different method than the method they use, and if they benefit from the private integrator method, they can benefit from a different special integrator from the special integrator they receive service under the e-Invoice application.

It is important for the taxpayers, who are obliged to be included in the e-Waybill Application, to make their relevant applications within the periods announced in the General Communiqué and to issue the dispatch documents as electronic documents instead of paper documents as of the date specified, not to apply the penal provisions in the Tax Procedure Law No. 213.

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