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Poland and e-Faktura

Updated: Feb 6

Poland is the fourth country in the European Union, after Spain, Portugal, and Italy, to introduce electronic invoicing. The law implementing the e-invoicing directive (2014/55 / EU) in the country has been in force since April 18, 2019. The government has created a platform (PEF) for the implementation of the B2G directive on electronic invoicing and processing and changing electronic invoices. As a result, PEF is the main platform used by public institutions and economic operators for B2G electronic invoicing in public procurement.

National e-Invoicing Platform – PEF

The platform is a centralized platform for receiving and sending structured e-invoices and other documents between buyers and public procurement authorities.

The platform has been in use since April 1, 2019. It guarantees quick and easy processing of invoices and other documents in connection with the public procurement processes, such as dispatch notes, waybills, and booking receipts. Any e-document can be created with PEF. The platform checks for completeness and correctness sends or receives it. Moreover, creating an account and using the platform is free.

Under the direction of the Ministry of Development, two IT companies offer PEF services:

  1. Firma Infinite IT Solutions

  2. Konsorcjum PEF Expert

The solution offered by both companies also offers a different graphic layout. Furthermore, it offers the same possibilities and functions. It is enough to open an account in one of them. Both operators are certified PEPPOL service providers. Thus, PEF users can easily connect to PEPPOL users around the world. Both Polish and foreign operators can enroll in PEF.

Deadlines for the B2G Authorization

Since April 2019, all public procurement authorities have been obliged to receive e-invoices for orders over EUR 30,000. From November 2020, suppliers will have to issue e-invoices to government agencies for all orders.

How is invoicing information transferred?

While the functionality of PEF is explained on the website of, the application manuals for XML documents created according to Peppol BIS 3.0 and CEFACT are included. These application manuals contain information about delivery notes, receipts, correction invoices, and accounting document requests.

National System of e-Invoices (KSeF)

Jan Sarnowski, Deputy Minister of Finance, announced that B2B e-invoices will be switched to the voluntary formula by the end of 2021 and to the mandatory formula from 2023. In this context, although participation in B2B transactions is initially voluntary, this system will eventually replace the existing monthly SAF-T reporting system.

B2B e-invoicing is the next step in implementing groundbreaking e-management services for the Polish government. In this way, it facilitates cross-company agreements and ensures accounting security. These types of e-management and e-transformation services are critical to quickly and effectively uncover all types of tax fraud, especially VAT.

Melasoft e-Invoicing Solution

Our solution processes PEPPOL and other formats and creates a simple and reliable connection to the ERP system that contains invoice data in Poland. With our cloud services, EU-compliant invoices can be conveniently sent to Polish authorities and other partners via PEPPOL. Below is an example in PEPPOL BIS 3.0 format: Peppol-Process in Poland

Since the selected format type is based on PEPPOL-BIS and eDelivery Network, it corresponds to the European standard. The PEPPOL eDelivery network requires the use of PEPPOL access points to send configured invoices to the PeF portal.

The Melasoft e-invoice solution – Poland provides your company with the necessary legal equipment and experience as well as flexible and future-oriented solutions for current and future e-invoice agreements.


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