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Kazakhstan and Compliance Solutions

Updated: Feb 6

Kazakhstan, whose economy is based on fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas, is also one of the richest raw material resource countries in Central Asia. Although it is the ninth largest country in the world, it only has 16 million inhabitants.

After the collapse of the USSR, Kazakhstan made many changes in tax law and is trying to further improve the investment climate by building a stable market-based economy. After the collapse of the USSR, Kazakhstan made many changes in the area of tax law and tried to further improve the investment environment by building a market-based stable economy. In this context, the Kazakh government has been intensifying efforts since 2014 to improve the business and investment climate in the country by diversifying and modernizing the economy to limit its dependence on the extraction and processing of raw materials, especially crude oil. Also, Kazakhstan is preparing for the challenge of the 21st century with a modernization strategy (Kazakhstan 2050), the aim of which is to bring Kazakhstan into the world’s 30 most economically developed countries by 2050.

Melasoft, which is closely following the digital transformation processes in the world, especially in our nearby region, develops solutions for the changing needs of taxpayers in Kazakhstan. Melasoft offers a Smart Documents solution to meet the legal requirements of the laws and regulations in Kazakhstan, according to which companies must create documents electronically. With the Melasoft Smart Document Solution, Smart Documents are created and the transaction data created in the SAP ECC or S / 4HANA system are converted into predefined exchange formats to electronically transfer the data from the tax authorities and other public institutions and organizations to external systems. In this sense, some of the Smart Document (SD) we have developed for Kazakhstan as Melasoft are: SD Billing, SD Without Accounting, SD Good Receipt, E-Document Source File.

For Kazakhstan, which switched to e-invoicing in January 2017, compliance services are provided with the IS ESF website, which was put into operation by the Kazakh State Revenue Committee via the SAP e-invoice solution developed by Melasoft. For example, Kazakh taxpayers can automatically transfer invoices out of SAP using the information from the sales invoices entered in the system, the company’s authorization/authentication keys, and the electronic digital signature received from the National Certification Center (NCC). With the Virtual Warehouse (VW) module, which has been mandatory for taxpayers by the Kazakh Finance Committee since April 2018, the import and sales processes in the country, as well as the inventory movements of the production and export processes and the accounting of the sales and delivery processes of the goods, are to be automatic be monitored. The virtual warehouse module solution developed by Melasoft checks accounting processes and reports these processes. In integration with the Melasoft SAP solution, the VW module offers the preparation and analysis of accounting data and systematic internal controls.

The Melasoft SAP E-Invoice Solutions, Smart Documents, and the VW module solution for Kazakhstan offer time and cost savings for your commercial and accounting transactions in Kazakhstan.


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