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What is JIRA?

Updated: Mar 14

Jira for all teams is a suite of agile business management solutions that strengthens collaboration between the customer and team members. Jira for all teams offers a variety of purpose-built products and deployment options for Software, IT, Business, Operations teams, and more.

What does Jira mean?

Like all good names in the software industry, Jira started as an in-house codename. As the company developers continued to develop the product, they began to call the product Gojira, the original Japanese name for Godzilla. Go fell over time. What remains is Jira.

Introduction to Jira

Jira for all teams helps teams plan, assign, track, report and manage jobs. It also brings teams together for everything from agile software development and customer support to start-ups and businesses.

Software teams and agile teams develop better with Jira SoftwareJira Service Management delivers service experiences across all teams from IT, Dev, Operations and more. Business teams collaborate better by unlocking the power of agility with Jira Work ManagementJira Align is an enterprise agile planning platform that connects businesses at scale.

A brief overview of Jira Products

1. Jira Software

Jira Software was created for every member of your software team to plan, monitor and release software efficiently and effectively. JSW also includes core software, including agile project management features.


How JSW works

  • Plan

Create user stories and issues, plan breakthroughs, and distribute tasks among your software team.

  • Monitor

Prioritize and discuss your team’s work with complete visibility.

  • Release

Send with confidence knowing the information you have is always up to date.

  • Report

Improve the content your team can use with team performance based on real-time, visual data.

Choose a workflow or make your own

Each team has a unique process for software submission. Use an out-of-the-box workflow or create one that fits the way your team works.

Integrate with tools you already use

You can improve your workflow with world-class integrations so your team can do their best work. Slack, Zoom, Google etc. you know and use Jira. You can integrate with tools. It makes it easier for your team to do their best work.

Connect your team’s work to your product road map

Send faster and more reliably by creating smarter plans for your team and organization. So you can take your work to greater goals and see how you’re making progress on a large scale. You can keep your team and your organization together simultaneously by making different situation assessments, taking into account your team capacity.

2. Jira Service Management

JSM is designed for use by IT operations or business management control. JSM supports the entire business process, enabling the whole team to work together and faster. So you can quickly respond to changes. From IT to Human Resources to legal, every team can adapt a service desk at scale quick and continuous.

Jira Software

By connecting issues across Jira through an open and collaborative platform, your IT support and operations teams will have richer contextual information to quickly respond to requests, events and changes.

With high-speed service management (JSM), you can present your data and reports agile and fast. It effortlessly connects development and operations in your business processes by making your work visible. Jira Service Management fully supports your processes. It will give you a better overview and a shared understanding across the organization.

3. Jira Work Management

With the List feature by JWM designed for business teams, you can track and organize your work and projects faster than ever before by editing in place.

Jira Work Management

View and manage tasks by time and schedule with JWM Calendar.

Plan and create connections to allocate work and schedule larger projects with the JWM Timeline.

Follow your team to completion through a custom workflow with the JWM Dashboard.

JWM is a fast, agile and efficient application for teams working in the sector such as marketing, finance, human resources, law. It makes it easier for your teams to work together by establishing connections between your business processes. With JWM’s unique customizability, you can create custom workflows for any process.

It becomes easier to manage business processes with 23 templates, dynamic reports and dashboards, and unlimited business automation (Slack, MS Teams, Bitbucket, Github) offered as enhanced by JWM.

4. Jira Align

JA connects your business strategy to technical implementation.

  • Get real-time visibility

You can collect team-level data to make all work visible across your organization in real-time.

  • Align each team

You can rank each team according to your business strategy. You can streamline your business processes by bringing everyone together to identify scope, road maps, and dependencies across teams and portfolios.

  • Optimize to deliver value

Combine strategic investments with generated customer value to drive results faster and more reliably.

Dependency Maps

Developed for enterprise teams, JA ensures programs run smoothly. Its resources are perfectly allocated for timely delivery. It supports progress and digital transformation by providing a real-time road map. It is suitable agility for product managers and transformation teams.

With Jira seamless integration, Jira Align extends coordination and planning to program, portfolio, and business. While keeping your teams working in Jira Software.


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