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How to Send E-Invoices with PEPPOL?

Updated: Jul 4

What is Peppol Access Point?

A PEPPOL Access Point is a certified service provider that enables organizations to connect to the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) network. This network facilitates the secure and standardized exchange of electronic procurement documents, such as invoices, orders, and delivery notes, between businesses and government entities across Europe and beyond. PEPPOL Access Points play a crucial role in ensuring interoperability, security, and compliance within the electronic procurement process. By using a PEPPOL Access Point, organizations can streamline their document exchange, reduce manual data entry, and comply with various national and international regulations.

What is PEPPOL ID?

A PEPPOL ID is a unique identifier assigned to each participant within the PEPPOL network. It serves as an electronic address, enabling the accurate routing of documents to the correct recipient. The PEPPOL ID typically includes the country code and an identifier based on the participant’s national identification scheme.

The PEPPOL ID ensures that documents are accurately directed across different Access Points, enabling interoperability among diverse systems and organizations. This unique identification ensures that even if different Access Points are used, the documents reach the correct destination without error.

Why Do You Need a PEPPOL Access Point?

A PEPPOL Access Point is crucial for organizations to optimize procurement processes. It streamlines document exchange by eliminating manual data entry and reducing paperwork, resulting in faster transactions and fewer errors. This also cuts costs related to printing and storage. Ensuring regulatory compliance, a PEPPOL Access Point helps organizations meet electronic invoicing mandates and avoid legal issues. With its global reach, it facilitates smooth cross-border trade. Enhanced security protocols protect data, and automation improves operational efficiency. Overall, PEPPOL Access Points and IDs are vital for modern electronic procurement, offering efficiency, cost savings, compliance, and security, helping organizations stay competitive in the global market.

Peppol Network

A PEPPOL Access Point helps organizations meet electronic invoicing mandates and avoid legal issues.

How Do You Send E-Invoices with a PEPPOL Access Point Provider?

Sending e-invoices via a PEPPOL Access Point provider involves the following steps:

  1. Choose a PEPPOL Access Point Provider: Select a certified provider that offers PEPPOL Access Point services. Ensure the provider meets your business needs in terms of features, pricing, and support.

  2. Register and Obtain a PEPPOL ID: Register your organization with the chosen provider and obtain your unique PEPPOL ID. This ID will be used to identify your organization within the PEPPOL network.

  3. Prepare Your E-Invoices: Use your existing invoicing software or a PEPPOL-compatible solution to create your e-invoices. Ensure that the invoices include all mandatory information, such as your PEPPOL ID, the recipient’s PEPPOL ID, and necessary tax and compliance details.

  4. Transmit the E-Invoice: Send the e-invoice through the PEPPOL Access Point provider. The provider will use the PEPPOL network to securely transmit the invoice to the recipient’s Access Point.

  5. Receive Confirmation: The recipient’s Access Point will acknowledge receipt of the e-invoice, confirming that the document has been successfully delivered.

PEPPOL Access Points provide a secure communication channel for transmitting procurement documents

How Can You Connect to a PEPPOL Access Point?

Connecting to a PEPPOL Access Point involves the following steps:

Identify a Certified PEPPOL Access Point Provider: Research and select a certified provider that aligns with your business requirements.

Register with the Provider: Complete the registration process with the chosen provider. This may involve providing business information, signing a service agreement, and setting up an account.

Integration: Integrate your existing invoicing system with the provider’s platform. Many providers offer APIs or software solutions that facilitate this integration, allowing you to send and receive documents seamlessly.

Obtain Your PEPPOL ID: As part of the registration process, you will be assigned a unique PEPPOL ID that will be used for all document exchanges within the network.

Start Exchanging Documents: Once connected, you can begin sending and receiving e-invoices and other procurement documents through the PEPPOL network, benefiting from streamlined processes and enhanced security.


Joining the PEPPOL Network

You must be connected to a PEPPOL Access Point to send your electronic invoices through the PEPPOL network. PEPPOL Access Points are certified PEPPOL partners authorized to connect you to the PEPPOL network. After connecting to the network you can reach all PEPPOL users.

Melasoft is one of the certified PEPPOL Service Providers. If you want to connect to the network, please contact us. With Melasoft SAP Solution you will get a PEPPOL-ID and will be able to send e-invoices.

Note: For companies using an SAP solution, they can access the PEPPOL Network in the system they are used to, without having to purchase new software.


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