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How to Fill Despatch Note

One of the most frequently encountered documents for those dealing with trade is the despatch note.

Despatch note is a document used for the transportation of a good for sale or a good for sale. This document, in which the belonging of the possessed or sold goods is recorded, is important. Among the questions of commercial firms, the question of how to fill the despatch is due to this importance.

There is some information that must be found when issuing the despatch note. Despatch is at the beginning of this information. After the despatch note, the document must have a seal belonging to the ministry of finance.

It must be located in separate sections where the type and quantity of the goods to be sent in the shipment will be entered. One of the sections that should be included in the despatch is the name and surname of the person who issues the despatch, the trade name, business address, tax office number and account number, if any. Some information about where the goods will be sent must be included in the despatch note.

What Should Be Considered While Preparing Despatch ?

There are also some issues to be considered after adjusting what should be found while preparing the despatch. The despatch needs to be set to at least three copies. Two of the three copies to be prepared as a necessity must be in the vehicle that will carry the goods, that is, the ship. The information that must be absolutely and correct is the information, address and trade name of the buyer. If the despatch is not found while the goods are being transported in the vehicle, great problems can be encountered. The discretion that the shipment of the goods does not occur at the same time as the date of issue, must also be written in a way that the dates are separated. When the despatch note is prepared from the computer, it can be added to the date later.

Is It Necessary To Arrange Despatch Note ?

Despatch note is a document that must be in the vehicle when transferring goods from one place to another or selling goods from one place to another.

This document, which will be filled by those who know the question of how to fill the despatch in such a way that the buyer and the seller will take place, is important both for the comfort of the shipper and the safety of the goods.

The Fine for Not Arranging Despatch Note

Despatch note is a concept for the transport of a commercial good. Namely, it should be recorded while a commodity is being transported.

It contains information such as the subject of the good, the unit of the good and who the good belongs to. On the other hand, it does not matter whether these goods are transported between the same business or between two different businesses. Because the despatch note will be needed in both cases. However, many people wonder whether it is mandatory to arrange despatch note. The answer to this question will undoubtedly be “yes”. So it is a must to arrange despatch note. It also has a predetermined fine if it is not regulated. The fine for not dispatching may vary from time to time.


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