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Are You Ready to Kazakhstan E-Invoice Transition?

Updated: Feb 6

Kazakhstan ESF/SNT/VWH System

Local and global companies that want to do business in Kazakhstan will now be able to do their transactions over the web. All commercial activities to be performed in Kazakhstan will be carried out through a web-based portal called Electronic Invoice Information System (IS ESF).

Electronic Invoice Information System (IS ESF)

Let’s take a closer look at this new system.

IS ESF consists of three main modules:

1. Virtual Warehouse Module:

The Kazakhstan government asks companies to display all their goods, which are the subject of their commercial activities, in virtual warehouses on the IS ESF portal. It plans to not allow the sale of goods that do not appear in this VWH module in the future. There are 3 different processes for companies to reflect the products they will sell to VW:

  1. Display of current stocks in VWH inventory (first load-initial balance),

  2. Loading the goods purchased from non-EAEU countries to VWH after the customs clearance is completed,

  3. Updating the inventory in VWH after uploading the waybills of the goods from the suppliers in the local and customs union countries to the system.

Virtual Warehouse
Kazakhstan Virtual Warehouse

2. SNT Module:

Waybills of the goods sent are called SNT in Kazakhstan. Waybills indicating the movements of goods subject to commercial activities within and outside of Kazakhstan are displayed in the IS ESF SNT module and VW inventory transactions are carried out according to the information in these waybills.

3. ESF Module:

In Kazakhstan, e-invoices are called ESF. Invoices received by companies and invoices sent to customers are recorded in the ESF system. In order to issue invoices (ESF) to customers, the goods sent must be registered in the VWH inventory.The IS ESF system in Kazakhstan became operational on July 1, 2014. However, there is currently no obligation to use it. SNT and VWH modules have been given to test use since 2020. In Kazakhstan, the use of IS ESF-VWH-SNT system was planned to be put into mandatory use as of April 2022, but according to the latest information received from the Ministry of Finance, it has been learned that this period has been extended by one year to April 2023.

Melasoft Is Ready For Kazakhstan

You can easily manage your VWH, SNT and ESF process via Melasoft Products:

  1. You can perform your VWH transactions,

  2. You can accept Inbound SNT and generate/send Outbound SNT documents,

  3. You can manage your business related to Custom Union Countries.

  4. You can manage your import process regarding Custom declaration DT and Virtual Warehouse.

  5. You can reflect your inventory via Melasoft cockpit.

  6. You can generate FNO 328 forms required for export goods.

  7. You can generate your e-invoice ESF documents.

For further information, please contact us!


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