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Malaysia Regulatory Updates July 2024

Hatice Ozcan

Jul 10, 2024

Latest Updates on E-invoice Guidelines and SDK for MyInvois System (API)

The Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (IRBM) has announced updates to the Software Development Kit (SDK) version 1.0 and the e-invoicing guidelines. These updates aim to assist taxpayers in preparing for the upcoming nationwide e-invoicing mandate.

Key Updates (28 June 2024)

Guidelines and SDK:

Updates to the Guidelines

The following changes have been made in the updated e-invoice Guideline 3.0 and e-invoice Specific Guideline 2.2:

  • New Abbreviation: Added "SSM" for Companies Commission of Malaysia.

  • Scope Clarification: Mandate applies to all individuals and legal entities.

  • New Transaction Types: Added to the list of transactions not required under the e-invoicing mandate.

  • Government Involvement: IRBM initiated discussions with various government bodies to implement e-invoices.

  • Supplier Exemption: Suppliers (or buyers in self-billed scenarios) are exempt from sharing validated e-invoices or their visual representations with the buyer.

  • Clearance Process: Detailed process provided, including e-invoice statuses and document validation rules.

  • Information Sharing: Clarifications on sharing e-invoice information between IRBM and RMCD.

  • BRN Clarification: Clarification on new and older versions of Business Registration Number (BRN).

  • Self-billed Transactions: New self-billed transactions added for consolidated e-invoices.

  • Insurance Transactions: "Claim, compensation or benefit payments from the insurance business of an insurer" added to the mandatory self-billed transactions list.

  • Editorial Changes: Rephrasing and removal of certain provisions for clarity.

Updates to SDK 1.0

The SDK 1.0 update includes:

  • API Response Alignment: Updates to align API Response and Standard Error Response.

  • Document Type Examples: Specified as “v1.1”.

  • Search Documents API: Removal of ‘Continuation Token’.

  • Signatures Updates: Updates and new additions including signature page, type page, and sample payload for each document type.

  • API Responses: Updates to the responses for Get All Document Types, Reject Document, and Get Recent Documents APIs.

  • Contacts Page: Updates included.

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