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What is RTIR E-Invoice?

Real-Time Invoice Reporting (RTIR), which was approved by the Hungarian Ministry of Economy on January 17, 2018, started to be implemented on July 1, 2018. Invoices issued between taxpayers with a VAT amount of at least 100,000 HUF are within the scope of the regulation.

Since 2018, businesses that have made their B2B invoices via the Hungarian Real Time Invoice Reporting (RTIR) system must also save their B2C invoices on the RTIR portal as of 2021.

Invoices with a VAT amount of 100,000 HUF and above must be sent electronically within 24 hours to the HU-TA (Hungarian Tax Authority) system, which is the application of the National Tax and Customs Administration.

The National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA) has made inclusive regulations on B2C invoices. Customers will also be able to download their sent sales invoices from the Online Invoice System.

In case of non-compliance with the requirements of the regulation, penalties of up to 500,000 HUF may be imposed per invoice.

Melasoft eInvoice SAP Integration


With Melasoft SAP/ERP integration, invoices are transferred to the HU TA system with the help of the web service with the XML structure in accordance with the regulation. The HU TA system makes notifications in XML format for each invoice sent.


Melasoft RTIR eInvoice Solution


With Melasoft SAP e-Invoice Solution, you can prepare invoice documents compatible with RTIR system’s infrastructure requirements and Hungarian regulations.

You can manage your B2B and B2C invoice processes completely from within SAP, create invoice documents and do archiving processes automatically, complete the legal signing process.

Melasoft RTIR eInvoice solution provides you;

  • Preparation and analysis for reviewing accounting processes and integration with e-Invoice System,

  • Identifying areas requiring change: SAP systems, mandatory data entry (quality and completeness), policies and procedures for those responsible,

  • Internal controls,

  • Integration of SAP systems with e-Invoice system,

  • End user trainings.

If you want to learn more about our services and solutions, contact us now!

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