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What is e-Archive ?


The e-Archive solution covers the processes of preparing, sending and archiving invoices that companies cut to non-registered taxpayers to the e-Archive application (B2B) and to tax free consumers (B2C).

In the event that the invoice recipient requests the invoice on paper, the prepared e-Archive invoice is delivered by printing it with the signature of the company official and the company’s logo with color output from any printer.

The invoice can be used as dispatch note if it is written “replaces the dispatch note” on the e-Archive invoice created.

e-Archive has the same legal qualifications as paper invoice.

Melasoft e-Archive Advantages and Features

  • Ability to manage the whole process via the outgoing invoice cockpit on SAP

  • Display the invoice on SAP without sending

  • Easy invoice design by the user

  • Outgoing invoice cockpit

  • Ability to integrate with different systems

  • Sending and receiving invoices via two separate integrators at the same time

  • Display the invoice as PDF / XLM / HTML via SAP

  • Ability to authorize transactions

  • Communication with the Integrator via SSL

  • Improvements with BADI outputs

  • Monitoring and reporting via SAP

  • Logging operations

  • Adapting to the needs of your company with modern architecture

  • You can view your e-archive report via SAP

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