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AIFE (French Agency for State Financial Informatics), which is responsible for Chorus Pro, integrated Chorus Pro Factur-X as a hybrid format.

March 24th 2020, FNFE-MPE and FERD published a common version strictly identical of Factur-X 1.0 and ZUGFeRD 2.1.

Following our cooperation with FERD on Factur-X and ZUGFeRD alignment, we publish version .05 of Factur-X 1.0 documentation, together with ZUGFeRD 2.1.

Factur-X is at the same time a full readable invoice in a PDF A/3 format, containing all information useful for its treatment, especially in case of discrepancy or absence of automatic matching with orders and / or receptions, and a set of invoice data presented in an XML structured file conformant to EN16931 (syntax CII D16B), complete or not, allowing invoice process automation.


The first objective of Factur-X is to enable suppliers, invoice issuers, to create added-value e-invoices, containing a maximum of information in structured form, according to their ability to produce them in this form, and to let customers recipients free to use the invoice data and / or the readable presentation, depending on their needs and their invoice process maturity on automation.

In order to allow the broadest adoption by any size of companies, and in order to guide them, this standard includes several data profiles:


    Chorus Pro‘da Corresponding to the minimum invoice information required on CHORUSPRO and equivalent to a classic header OCR and manual validation data capture.


    Corresponding to the document level invoice information that are mostly required or useful for buyers for their process automation.


    PCorresponding to the BASIC WL profile with the core line information required or useful for buyers for their process automation.

  • EN16931

    Corresponding to all the invoice information present in the European Norm EN16931.


    Corresponding to the EN16931 profile, with some additional invoice data. This profile is under construction, and will be published later.

With Melasoft SAP Factur-X Solution;

  • Melasoft completely records the Factur-X invoices.

  • Melasoft first creates a PDF / A-3 to send invoices in Factur-X format.

  • The supplier sends invoice data from the ERP system, usually via an iDoc interface. Melasoft assigns the XML invoice document EN16931 to the file factur-x.xml. She then creates an invoice form in PDF / A format that is converted to PDF / A-3.

  • After the electronic invoice has been sent to the Chorus Pro portal via Melasoft, it is forwarded to the responsible public administration as the final recipient of the invoice. Public administrations connected to Choru Pro regularly send status / status reports that show whether the invoice was accepted without errors and what the status of the transaction is.

  • Waybill, delivery note, receipts incoming orders, etc. Documents can be integrated into PDF / A-3 invoices.


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