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Serbia Regulatory Updates April 2024

Serkan Yagli

Apr 15, 2024

The updated version of the electronic invoice system of Serbia, SEF 3.6 - Functions and Changes -


This document contains details of SEF 3.6, the updated version of the electronic invoice system. Functions and changes include:

1. User Interface Improvements: The filter bar can now be reset to initial values and navigation arrows are provided when the screen is minimized.

2. Advance Invoices Including JBKJS/TIN Recipient: Advance invoices containing the modified recipient's credentials have been made editable.

3. Restriction on Sending Invoices to Deleted Companies: It is no longer possible to send electronic invoices to deleted companies

4. Update Details: Various updates have been made such as selectability of different document types, bug fixes and language corrections.

5. Updated internal technical instructions 

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