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Malaysia Regulatory Updates May 2024

Serkan Yagli

May 25, 2024

SDK 1.0 Updates

The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia released SDK 1.0 to help taxpayers prepare for the MyInvois System, featuring several critical updates and additions on 10 and 24 May 2024


This release includes critical updates such as amended character limits for supplier and buyer contact numbers, refined notes on tax rates, and updated percent nodes for tax rates. Additionally, the updates to signatures feature an enhanced sample and explanation of the Digital Certificate JSON. New additions include a sample XML for foreign currency transactions with tax exchange rates and multi-line items, an X-rate limit description in the FAQ, a new page for signing document JSONs, and a new tax type code ‘E’.


24 May 2024

Updated Validations & Documentation

• Amended Number of Characters of Supplier & Buyer Contact Number.

• Refined note on Tax Rate.

• Updated Percent node on Tax Rate.

Updates to Signature

• Updated sample and explanation of actual Digital Certificate JSON.

New Additions

• Added New Sample XML for Foreign Currency with Tax Exchange Rate and Multi Line Item.

• Added X-Rate Limit Description in FAQ.

• Added new page for Signing Document JSON in Document Signature Creation page.

• Added new code ‘E’ under Tax Types.

Other Updates

• Included General, Signature and Postman API Guidance subpages under FAQ along with Integration Practices.

10 May 2024

Updated Validations & Documentation

• Amended descriptions for several fields including Fee / Charge Rate, Fee / Charge Amount, Total Discount Value, and Invoice Additional Fee Amount.

• Updated available APIs in the sandbox environment under FAQs.

• Updated cardinality of fields including Quantity, Measurement, Reference Number of Customs Form No.1, 9, etc., SST Registration Number and Tourism Tax Registration Number.

• Updated number of characters for Measurement field to 3 characters.

• Refined descriptions for fields such as Tax Type, City Name, Payment Mode, and Prepayment Time.

Updates to Signature

• Removal of Timestamp Authority (TSA) requirement of XAdES for digital signature.

• Provided clearer guidance on hashing with SHA256 followed by HEX-to-Base64 encoding.

• Updated sample in SDK with RSA-SHA256.

New Additions

• Added Measurement Code Table under Codes.

Other Updates

• Improved visual for API input parameters with new column on optional / mandatory


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