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Romania E-Transport Solution 
Streamline Romania E-Transport & Reduce Costs with Melasoft 

We offer a simple, efficient solution for your compliance needs whether it's import declarations, export documentation, or intra-community transactions.

eEnsure uninterrupted trade with our reliable e-Transport solution for Romania’s RO e-Transport System. 
With our e-compliance experience in 30+ countries and innovative solutions, Melasoft offers a custom solution package tailored to your company's needs!

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What is Romania E-Transport? 

The RO e-Transport system tracks the movements of high-risk goods within the country, including local purchases and goods in transit. This means stricter monitoring for businesses involved in transporting such goods. 

If you're impacted by the new RO e-Transport system, Melasoft streamlines compliance.  Our solution automates reporting processes, saving you time, and resources, and ensuring you meet all legal requirements efficiently. 

How Does RO e-Transport Work? 

Register Your Goods: The first step involves registering your high-risk goods in the RO e-Transport system. 

Get Your Unique Code (UIT): Once registered, the system automatically generates a unique UIT code specifically for your goods. 

Maintain the Code During Transport: Throughout the transportation process, you must keep the physical or electronic UIT code readily available alongside the accompanying documents for the high-risk goods. 

Who is required to implement RO e-Transport? 
  • Transport operations that start and finish within the national borders. 

  • Cross-border transactions beginning in Romania, such as exports or supplies within the EU. 

  • Cross-border transactions ending in Romania, including imports or EU acquisitions. 

  • Transit cross-border transactions in transit in the territory of Romania, as these involve a segment of transport occurring within Romanian territory. 

Why Choose Melasoft for e-Invoicing Transport Solutionin for Romania? 

Effortless Compliance: Eliminate manual work and ensure accurate e-Transport reporting.  
Reduced Costs & Time: Save time and resources by streamlining your e-Transport processes 
Improved Visibility & Control: Gain real-time shipment tracking and manage your entire supply chain. 

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If you’re a global company acting in different countries and using a centralized ERP system, Melasoft’s single cockpit multi-country e-compliance solution provides you operational efficiency as well as financial benefits as it minimizes training requirements, support efforts, and overall costs.  

See how our RO e-Transport compliant solution can transform your business.

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Melasoft: Your All-in-One
Romania E-Compliance Partner 

Effortlessly navigated RO e-Tranpsport compliance and streamlined invoicinge-transport reporting across Romania. Melasoft's innovative solution offers: 

Seamless Integration

Guaranteed Compliance

Global Reach, Local Expertise 

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