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Israel Regulatory Updates May 2024

Hatice Ozcan

May 5, 2024

New Invoice Mandate Effective May 5, 2024: A Guided Pilot Year Ahead


New Electronic Invoicing Model in Israel:

  1. Implementation Date: Starting May 5, 2024, Israel is implementing a new requirement for electronic invoicing.

  2. Tax Invoice Requirement: For tax invoices exceeding NIS 25,000, it will be mandatory to display an allocation (confirmation) number issued by the Israel Tax Authority (ITA).

  3. Purpose of Allocation Number: The display of this number on invoices is essential for businesses to deduct the Israeli VAT as input tax.

  4. Obtaining Allocation Numbers:

    • Method: VAT-registered suppliers can obtain these numbers through the Invoice Number Allocation service.

    • Access: This service can be accessed via an API.

    • Integration Options: Suppliers can connect directly from their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or use middleware or e-invoicing software provided by accredited providers.

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