Taxpayers Must Use the E-Waybill

In addition to voluntary transitions, According to the general communique published by TRA; with a turnover of 25 million TL and above electronic invoice payers as of 01.07.2020 It has to switch to e-Waybill application.

According to the general communiqué published by the TRA:

Taxpayers, who registered for the e-Invoice application and have gross sales revenue more than 25 million TL for 2018 and the following accounting periods, must use to the e-waybill application as of 1.7.2020.

e-Waybill recipients, taxpayers, e-despatch Response using; How much of the goods specified in the e-despatch part, they accept / accept information on the quantity and causes of goods not being exported,They can forward it to the e-despatch sender via the application.

In case of partial acceptance by e-waybill response, acceptance For the return of unused goods to the seller:

User registered in the recipient’s e-despatch application In case of e-waybill, separate arrangement is required.

The recipient is not a registered user In the case of; The printed receipt also needs to be arranged.

Rejection must be done before the actual shipment of the good.

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